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IP Paralegal Training

Looking for an effective way to train new intellectual property paralegals? Look no further than the highly skilled team at Savant IP.

We guide new IP paralegals through a IP training course curated by a team of paralegals with decades long experience. With the knowledge gained by the proficient paralegals at Savant IP, our tips and tricks will help facilitate a successful onboarding process for your new hire. 

We offer virtual training using online communication and collaboration platforms, providing your new paralegal with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in IP law.


Our team uses our advanced skill set and knowledge of IP, as well as published patent file wrappers and trademark prosecution histories, to provide comprehensive training to inexperienced paralegals.


We guide new paralegals through the navigation of various patent and trademark websites.  We show them how to search for IP rules and regulations; and also how to electronically file documents using efiling systems. We share our tips and tricks to help facilitate a successful onboarding process. With our exceptional organizational skills, we're sure to impress.


If you're hiring a paralegal who is new to intellectual property, let us train them to become a valuable asset to your organization.

Contact Savant IP today to learn more about how our team can train your new IP personnel.

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