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Trademark Paralegal Services

At Savant IP, we understand the critical role trademarks play in protecting your business's intellectual property.

We understand the intricate details surrounding trademark filings and the importance of maintaining trademarks.  We offer tailored support and seamless collaboration with you and your team, providing outstanding support when you need it and how you like it.  

Seamless Collaboration

Once securely connected to internal systems (similar to a contractor), we integrate ourselves seamlessly into your IP team. By working within your systems, we maintain all information with your portfolio and ensure preferred business processes are followed.

We pride ourselves in our ability to pick up your 'ways of working'.  We can jump in and work within your current workflow. You provide expectations & preferences and we do the work.

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How We Meet Your Trademark Needs:

  • Prepare and file relevant documents related to the prosecution and/or maintenance of U.S. and foreign trademarks

  • Analyze and understand the rules of the USPTO, PCT, TEAS, and other international offices relating to IP

  • Communicate with foreign agents regarding the preparation and processing of all paperwork necessary during the pendency of applications

  • Prepare reports for internal clients regarding pending trademark applications and registered trademarks

  • Assist attorneys in trademark opposition and cancellation actions

  • Correspond directly with clients and foreign associates on routine trademark-related matters

  • Draft detailed client and foreign associate communications for attorney review

  • Manage the docketing process for new trademark matters

  • Manage and support trademark prosecution and management workflows

  • Monitor docket activity

  • Track and timely meet trademark office deadlines

At Savant IP, we understand that timely & efficient management of your trademark portfolio is crucial to your business's success.

Let our IP paralegal team help you navigate the complex world of trademark law.

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