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Patent Paralegal Services

At Savant IP, our experienced U.S.-based intellectual property paralegals understand the complexities of patent prosecution and the importance of having a reliable partner to support your IP needs.

We also understand IP practitioners have preferences for how they get things done.  We offer customized virtual support and can collaborate with you and your team to provide exceptional support when and how you need it.
Concrete Structure

Seamless Collaboration

Once securely connected to the systems used to maintain your patent portfolio, and once introduced to your business process, we are able to integrate ourselves seamlessly into your IP team. We have the skills and expertise for patent prosecution - all we need to know is how you prefer to operate within your organization. By working within your systems and following your established business processes, we support you by maintaining all client and patent application information consistently within your portfolio systems. Information security and data integrity are a priority.  From invention disclosures to patent application prosecution to patent maintenance, we ensure your preferred business procedures are followed.

We pride ourselves in our ability to pick up your ways of working.  We can jump in and work within any workflow. You provide expectations & preferences and we do the rest.


Extensive Experience

Our IP paralegal team has extensive experience in U.S., PCT, and foreign patent prosecution:

  • Preparation and filing of U.S., Design, and PCT/IB application documents

  • Preparation and transmittal of national-stage filing instructions with associated international application documents

  • Preparation and proofreading of IP-related documents and forms

  • Drafting and filing of responses to U.S., PCT/IB formalities communications

  • Drafting and transmitting routine communications to inventors

  • Preparation and filing of oaths and declarations

  • Preparation, transmission, and recording of assignments

  • Drafting Office Action templates and filing completed responses electronically

  • Conducting case reviews for preparation and filing of Information Disclosure Statements

  • Drafting and transmitting routine correspondences for in-house attorneys/agents, outside counsel, foreign associates, and clients

  • Daily prioritization of work and communication of upcoming deadlines/issues

Savant IP Paralegals are Expert in Multiple Systems


Among the many IP portfolio management systems listed below, we work in a variety of virtual private network (VPN) environments as well as shared document management spaces like SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Docs, Sync, etc.,

so that we can seamlessly integrate with you.


Systems we are experts in include:
  • USPTO EFS-Web/Patent Center

  • TEAS

  • TESS


  • WIPO Sequence Suite

  • Computer Packages Inc. (CPi)

  • Foundation IP

  • Ipendo

  • Anaqua

  • AppColl

  • Egnyte

  • MaxVal

  • IPFolio

  • Eureka

  • FlexTrac IP

  • CPA Global Docketing Management System


  • WebTMS

  • MDC-The IP Management System

  • Memotech

  • First to File

  • IPS

  • Clio

  • BillQuick

  • Lecorpio

  • WorlDox

At Savant IP, we take pride in providing tailored, reliable and efficient support services to meet your patent prosecution needs.

Let us assist you in achieving your IP goals. 

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