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Docketing Services

Our paralegal team has vast experience & knowledge of many different docketing systems, and we prioritize maintaining the quality and integrity of your intellectual property data.

Our proficient team brings knowledge of a multitude of IP docket management systems.  Whether you have everyday docketing support needs, are looking to onboard an acquisition, or a review or clean-up of your portfolio records, we have the expertise to help with every docketing need.

At Savant IP, we understand the essential role that docketing plays in any intellectual property organization.

Savant IP paralegals work closely with your team to effectively manage & monitor matters on your docket. 
You will always feel fully supported & prepared.

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 Our experience allows us to provide reliable & accurate docketing services for your IP matters including:

  • Daily review and management of correspondence received from U.S., International Bureau, and Foreign Patent & Trademark Offices

  • Forwarding incoming correspondences to assigned attorneys and staff

  • Tracking patent and trademark prosecution due dates in docketing systems

  • Clearing completed prosecution dates in docketing systems

  • Auditing docketing completed by internal office docketing specialists for accuracy

  • Preparing daily/weekly/monthly docket reports customized to fit your office needs

  • Communicating with patent and trademark offices, attorneys, foreign associates, and staff members regarding all aspects of patent and trademark prosecution.

Savant IP paralegals are expert users in many systems.

  • Computer Packages Inc. (CPi)

  • FoundationIP

  • Ipendo

  • Anaqua

  • AppColl

  • MaxVal

  • IPFolio

  • Eureka

  • Lecorpio

  • FlexTrac IP

  • CPA Global Docketing Management System


  • WebTMS

  • MDC-The IP Management System

  • Memotech

  • First to File

  • IPS

  • WorlDox

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