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Savant IP

Intellectual Property Paralegal Services

Professional and accomplished U.S.-based Intellectual Property Paralegals delivering customized virtual IP services to practitioners and legal teams across the globe.


IP Paralegal Services

Our goal at Savant IP is to be the best intellectual property paralegal support service provider.

As a strategic partner, we use our adept skills to manage, maximize, and protect your IP portfolio.


Contact us today to find out how we can align with your business needs.

We specialize in patent application preparation and prosecution. From invention disclosures to maintenance of patents and everything in between, our knowledgeable paralegals can provide tailored support to meet your needs and preferences. Whether supporting an intercompany IP department, a small or a large law firm, we pride ourselves on the seamless collaboration we can develop with you.

We have experience with trademark application filing and prosecution, as well as onboarding newly acquired trademark portfolios and quality checks for migrated trademarks. With our trademark knowledge and experience, we are confident we can support all your trademark needs.

Having constant exposure to a multitude of IP docket systems, our proficient team can docket in any system and can customize our services to docket the way you like it. Whether you have basic everyday docketing support needs, looking to onboard a new docket from an acquisition, or desire simple review/clean up of your portfolio records, we have the expertise to help with every docket need.

Whether you are migrating in a new portfolio, have a back log of information disclosure statements or patent proofing, or need assistance completing chain of titles, no project is too large for the Savant IP team.  We have the experience, organizational skills and efficiencies to help get any project completed.

Utilizing our years of experience, let us train your new hire so that you don't have to.  When you have a new hire that could use guidance with understanding the world of intellectual property and you are low on resources, we are here to help.  Our training services will provide your new paralegal with foundational knowledge of IP and have the ongoing support they need to succeed.

Experienced & Passionate IP Paralegals

At Savant IP, our paralegals are passionate about helping our clients succeed in their IP endeavors.

IP practitioners thrive when they have a paralegal that knows IP, understands the practitioner's preferences, and provides solid, consistent paralegal support. 


The experienced and talented team at Savant IP is highly skilled in Intellectual Property Law.  IP is a complex field and demands paralegal professionals who are knowledgeable and detail-driven. That is us - we have decades of collective IP experience and have been providing full virtual and customized paralegal support to clients since 2018.

We are enthusiastic and dedicated to what we do and we can positively impact any IP organization.

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